Monday, August 24, 2009

A whole lotta 1st's

This is the best picture I could get out of him this morning for our first day back to pre-school! He does look handsome on the lower half too, you just cant tell from this shot! Owen started back to school again today. He was lucky enough to have the same wonderful teacher as last year and there were quite a few return kids from last year so he had lots of friends! I was a little worried he wouldnt do so great on the first day. Lately he has been a little clingy and not wanting me to leave him anywhere...even grandma's house. Strange I know. I thought I would have to stay for a while this morning until he got used to it again. OH NO! All it took was one big bear hug from his old flame Shelby and I was forgotten. As I walked away feeling rather sad to know I was not needed as planed I realized how much harder it would be for me as the years go on and he needs me less and less. :(
This weekend there was no regular church meetings. We took advantage and made plans with Jeremy's dad to go hiking. Stuart Falls was the plan and we woke up early to get up there before all the rest of the city thought of it as well. I was a little nervous about it. I hadnt been since I was a mia maid. I know long time. I could remember bits and pieces but it wasnt like I remembered at all. Plus I was nervous that Owen would get too tired half way through and just start to fall apart. We went and he did really well until we were almost to the falls. Owen stopped and said his legs were tired. I was so worried poor Jeremy would have to pack him down the mountain and kill himself in the process. We had a small snack and lumbered on. He made it to the falls and loved it. Right as we got there it started to mist on us. Not just from the falls but from a serious looking cloud overhead. There was never thunder or lighting just mist. It felt pretty good actually being so hot from the hike.
There was a few spots I had apparently blocked out too that were extremely high and very close to the edge. I wanted to be Dorothy in those moments and just transport myself home!
At the falls we re-fueled and decided after a short rest to start the trip back.
About 10 minutes into that trip it started to mist harder, then rain sporadically, then big fat drops. Then we might as well have been under the shower head because it down pour'd so long and so steady the water was just cascading off us! I thought how did I get here? With only about 5 minutes left of hiking the rain stoped and the sun kinda peeked out. Well i looked like a drowned rat! All these family's were starting the hike and kept passing by looking at us like we were really out of shape(which i am!) and sweating mad crazy people!
It was awesome!
I thought for sure Owen would crash hard in the car but he got a second wind and starting playing a gameboy game we had in the car. What a kid! 4 miles is a long way for a 4 year old! Man were we proud!

After all that we were crazy enough to brave a walk around payson lake. It was much hotter up there and no rain, but man were we tuckered!(That is where the above pic was taken)
Just as we got to the bottom we saw these clouds roll in on the mountain. We were so glad to be down off of there and very sad for the families that had just started with little kids in tow. Guess you live and learn with mother nature!
Jeremy set up the camera on a rock and took this picture on the way up to Stuart Falls before all the rain and mud began. It was a nice before picture and I was pretty impressed with his set up skills even though he couldnt see where the lens was pointing!
Jackson, Owen and Jonas.
One week before school started we had a play date with Owen's friends. They always have fun together! Jonas went to kindergarten this year but Owen and Jackson will in the same class again! Owen is obsessed with the hulk right now!
Our little man finally learned to ride his bike! We have been working on him for months to pedal and he just couldnt get the concept. Then just the other day he just pulled out the bike and did it on his own. Kids!!! He was so proud of himself ! It was a great day!

We also took him recently to see G-Force. The guinea pig movie. He really liked it but it wasnt really my cup of tea. On the way home he told me we need to get one of those animals. I said what a gerbal? he said no mom a hampster pig! Funny boy!