Thursday, August 19, 2010

What we did this summer!

I took Owen to the circus for the first time! The elephants were a big hit! Notice our boys sweet smile.....that will drastically change by the end of this post :( I miss this smile!
We played Tball for the first time. It was so fun to watch him run after the ball, Owen has quite an arm on him. Owen is the one with the red/black transformer hat on in the back row.
Jaymee girl turned 1! Owen is lucky to have a cousin as cute as her!
We went 4 wheeling for Memorial Day and Owen shot a 22 for the first time. He was listening so carefully to my dads instructions.
We went to the Bean Museum with cousin Jaymee
we made sure to get good and dirty!

We lost our first tooth about 2 days before his 5th birthday. He was so excited and proud of himself for being brave! The tooth fairy was a fun new experience.

Then the one next to it about 2 weeks later. This one didnt come out so easy and he decided tooth loss was over rated. Although still excited about the tooth fairy.
Then the top 2 got yanked out at the Freedom festival in downtown Provo on July 3rd. As you can see the other 2 that came out are starting to come back in already. This was horribly traumatic for him and if you want to read the whole story you can check it out on the blog list.

This one on the far right is gone courtesy of a punch by Owens friend.

I didnt think a kid could lose so many teeth in such a short amount of time. One thing we do know is that the Hamilton family does nothing normal. At least he is in line with that. Owen will be starting school in just about 2 more weeks. I cant wait to take his picture for the first day of school!