Friday, January 22, 2010

Our funny boy!

Owen has been so funny lately its like he just found his sense of humor or something.
Yesterday while Jeremy was at work we had a tickle fight. Owen was tickling me and I started to yell HELP, SOMEONE HELP ME! and he laughed so hard and told me ," No one is here to help you! " Then he laughed even harder. Do they have these things on cartoons now?

Then later on in the day he was downstairs playing and I was upstairs in our room folding laundry. I had the TV on in our bedroom and he snuck up the stairs so quiet on his hands and knee's and waited till just the right moment to jump out and yell. Oh man did I scream bloody murder! Owen thought he was so funny. He told me," I got you good mom!" That one he did get from me. I LOVE to scare people! I have hid upstairs for 5 min in the dark just to scare Jeremy when he came up for the night. It is awesome!

I did finally get my appointment with the new liver doctor. It will be the beginning of next month. I got my records from my old doctor up at U of U to take with me. In the notes of my last visit the doctor put that I have diabetes type 2 and refuse to take my blood sugar levels. Imagine my surprise.......maybe because I DON'T HAVE IT!????? What a weirdo. When I called up there to ask them what was going on and how it was going to be fixed. They said we cant change the record now it will just have to have notes the next time you are seen. Except I will not be seen again because of our insurance change. What a thing to have on my records. almost 3 years of going there and I end up with Diabetes on my chart. Idiots. Idiots i tell you!

Owen and I just had our 6 mo dental check ups. Owen did awesome. Let them do xrays, polish his teeth and everything. No cavities.
I have 6!

All you people out there that are thinking about writing on my post GUESS YOU SHOULD BRUSH YOUR TEETH. Don't worry my family has given my enough teasing for a lifetime. I don't like it. I asked them if they could just knock me out and do it all at once. Of course it will cost $700 but sure they can. They tried to tell me that most people do fine with the gas. Ha! The dentist gives me so much anxiety it would probably do the opposite and make me more anxious. Like when you give your child benedryl to get through a long plane ride and instead it makes them hyper. The other option is a form of Valium. They prescribe 2. 1 an hour before and 1 15 min before they start. I asked them if I could take a double dose and just fall asleep and they laughed. But I'm pretty serious. Just thinking about it gives me a stomach ache.