Saturday, August 23, 2008

Our BIG little boy

So Jeremy and I have been thinking of putting Owen into pre-school for some time now. I was always saying he is too little still and I thought he could wait till next fall but over the course of the summer we finally decided it was time. He just needs more socializing with kids his age and since Jeremy and i cant give him that it was time. We had done a lot of searching for a school we both liked and Owen would too. We finally came up with one. It has everything in it we wanted for him. He has been going for a week now. Only M,W,F from 9-11:30am. I thought even though we had many talks with him about it he would be kinda clinging to me and not want me to leave the first day but he did great! I will admit i waited as long as i could and then called to check up on him(it was only and hour). The teacher said he had a little aggression at first and there was some pinching but after the rules were explained he did great! Oh man it was the longest 2 1/2 hrs of my life. When we picked him up he was so proud of himself and was doing this great walk like john Travolta on Saturday Night Fever. It was awesome to see him come alive. Ever since he loves to talk about it and asks us everyday if today is a school day.

We also went to the doc for his yearly check up and he is in the 95% for height and 75% for weight. Not too bad.....but i am pretty sure we are going to be always shopping for shoes & pants for that kid! My dear sweet friend Samantha was in town and we got to hang out and do lunch without the kids which was so cool cuz i hadn't seen her for 2 years. Whenever i hear her voice it just makes me happy! She calls me Nicky so well i cant help but smile! :)

Sure do miss your guts Sam!