Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our late post about Christmas fun

 This Christmas was wonderful! 
 Jeremy and I got a little surprise visit from his aunt Debbie a few days before Christmas when she was driving through with a friend and stayed over at our house for a night. It is always fun when Debbie is in town and we were happy to have them stay at Hotel Hamilton :)
Owen loved all his presents! I love the look on his face in these pictures, he really was excited and happy on Christmas! Christmas Day Jeremy and I woke up to Owen coming in our room at like 7:30 to ask us if Santa had come. It was really cute, and we were both surprised he didnt just run down the stairs to check for himself. We all went down and Jeremy got some great video's with our new camera. We were pretty lazy that morning. My grandma had our traditional breakfast for everyone and for once we were not the first ones there! After everyone had eaten and opened presents we had a gingerbread house contest. My aunt and uncle are both architects so really no one else had a chance, but it was fun! In the afternoon we went over to the Hamilton's house. It was pretty quiet because Jaymee had to go with her mom for the weekend. We gave her her presents the night before and I think she liked them, but who can really tell when you are 1 1/2 ya know?? We decided to pack up the ham they planned on cooking and go to our house instead. We cooked and played games and then watched a movie. It was a quiet end to a long wonderful day. I think we were all missing Jaymee girl too much, so we just kept it relaxed and easy.
I am not by any means a builder!
Our new years was a nice one too, games, good food and good company! Owen went to bed early that night so it was a early morning for us the next day but well worth it. Jeremy has been taking a A+ course through his work. They are paying for the course and when he passes it he will get a 5% raise! We are so lucky to have him to take care of us and work so hard. I really dont know you other people out there do work and school at the same time. It will be worth it when its over :)