Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Pics

This Easter was a great one for our family! The only thing that wouldn't cooperate was the weather. We got Owen a new suit for Easter and he looked so handsome and grown up in it. He kept checking himself out in the mirror and dancing! So cute! Doesn't Owen look just like Jeremy in this picture? Cathy the purple is for you!!

Cathy had her niece in from out of the country and was kind enough to put on a egg hunt for all the kids. It was alot of chaos but the kids loved it and had so much fun playing together. You can tell Owen was proud of the loot he got from it! His t-shirt says" Hanging with my peeps" I couldn't resist it at the store.

My grandma had yet another lamby and this time Owen got to hold it! He named her Shelby after his sometimes girlfriend at school. I don't know if she approves of the gesture but I sure would if a boy named a sheep after me!

Jeremy and I also had our 4 year temple anniversary. We will have been married all together 7 years in August but we like to celebrate all applicable things at our house! I was in charge and got us tickets to Phantom at Hale Theatre in Slc. It was way cooler than the one in Orem. Jeremy had never seen it to my surprise, It was a wonderful night for us both!


I also went to the specialist on the 15th and had more testing done. Just got the results back today and all the blood came back normal except for the bilirubin level. It was elevated from .8 to 1.2 not a significant jump but still. The big concern if you can call it that was the ultrasound found 2 lesions on my liver. The tech said it didn't seem like a cancerous type but whenever that happens they automatically do a heavy duty CT scan to get a better look. So until I go for that I wont know anymore. I don't know what to make of this new result only that it must be a mistake?! Fat chance. Good luck only lasts so long. Lets just hope mine can hold out  a few years longer!