Monday, December 1, 2008

Turkey Day!

We took Owen bowling today! It was his first time and he loves doing things over and over so bowling is great! We had a great time and for sure want to do it again. Owen didn't get any strikes but there were a few spares in there so he was pretty proud of himself!

So my mom said all she wanted for Christmas this year was a picture of her kids. That's a mom thing I guess. So we took some pic's on turkey day at my parents house. My mom cooked a great dinner as usual. She makes the best stuffing ever and the turkey was awesome! I am so glad I mom that is a great cook so I don't have to cuz I'm pretty sure we would all get poisoned if I cooked the bird!

My mom thought we were goofing off too much, we kept doing these "blue steel" pictures from that movie Zoolander. She got real mad at us but as you can see we were having a great time!
We hadn't taken pictures of just us three since Morg was about 6 so it was time.
On black friday we did some serious shopping in SLC with my mom, sister, grandma, and my cousin. We spent 6 hours at Gateway. Hit trolley square and this little store on 9th and 9th called Hip and Humble. We got home after dark but it was a good day of shopping!Thats what happens when you take all those girls and put them in one mall. My dad took Owen all day so I didnt have to pack him in and out of stores, Im sure he was tired by the time we got home but It was really nice of him. Jeremy had to work Overtime(just couldnt pass up double time and a half)