Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summertime is awesome!

We have been having so much fun in the sun! I got a cheap pool for the backyard and we have been in it everyday since! Owen has little friends knocking at the door at 8am....that part stinks but its great to have summer back! My flowers are all sprouting up and look so pretty in my front yard!

My niece Jaymee had her first birthday and it was so fun! We took her with us to the bean museum. She is at such a fun age!

Owen is still playing tball and getting much better at it. He is staying in his section and will stop at the base instead of running a homer every time he is up to bat. I think his favorite part is really the treats at the end of every game, boys they love the treats!

Jeremy is still working crazy hours he usually gets about 70 per week. But when he is off we play hard! For Memorial Day we went 4 wheeling with my family down by the sand dunes. We didnt brave those, we went a little more north of them where there is tree's and lots of sagebrush. It was a perfect day! We had so much fun on the 4 wheelers and Owen got to shoot a 22 for the first time. I think he thought he was pretty cool to shoot with the boys. Jeremy is looking forward to another trip with just the boys in july. I dont mind since that gives me a night with the girls!

We decided with all that has been happening with my liver it was time for another biopsy. The last one was 3 years ago and since it is really the only definitive way to tell if the cirrhosis is gone we decided to go ahead. That was before I learned they dont put you out. YIKES! The place they are sending me does conscience sedation......all i hear when they said that was still awake and able to hear them talk about " hand me the needle." I thought calling the place to ask some questions would help me reason what was going to happen. I told them I was coming for a Liver biopsy that i was nervous and had some questions. The lady said, " I DONT BLAME YOU." Do we say that to someone??? Needless to say it didnt help me feel better and I havent got much sleep since. I dont think I will until its over. Its Thursday morning so I dont have to wait much longer. It will be nice to have the results back and find out what really going on with my inside.