Saturday, December 26, 2009

Its the most wonderful time of the year!

Our little family on Christmas Day!
Our family's contribution to the party! Owen was tropical santa and I made both mine and Jeremys.

My parents! Isnt my moms hair so Hairspray?!? Love it!
My sister went all out and and my mom did her hair! It was awesome!
The picture is blury but you get the gist!

This year has gone by so fast! It has been so fun this year with Owen! We had a FHE to learn the true meaning of Christmas and I think it sunk in but you never know with a 4 year old.

We put up our Decorations pretty early in the month so we have been pretty festive this year. I wrapped all got all the presents wrapped and under the tree in the first week too. I had to get them out of my closet so Owen wouldn't see! He can spell his name now and kept telling me this one is for me because it had his name on it even though it would say to Dad from Owen.

We went to see Santa and he was really good about it! There was no hesitation this year he just went up talked to him and I got a picture. No fuss. It was awesome!

The only problem was it was early in the month when we went to see him and then about a week before Christmas he decided he wanted something different and wondered how to relay that to Santa. Lucky for him my cousin Charlie pretended to call him on the phone and give him an updated list from Owen. It was so nice of him and it sure put Owens mind at ease I just didn't know how I was going to find it now!

Jeremy's uncle Bruce and his family had us over for dinner about a week ago. It was such a nice sit down dinner! Afterward they said, " should we open some presents?" I had no idea but i guess they had our whole family for Christmas this year. They gave Jeremy's parents and all five kids gifts! They gave Owen some sweet dragons which he LOVED, and for us a very cute wall sign with 4 posts that had the saying " THE STOCKINGS WERE HUNG". It was so so so nice!

Jeremy's sister Jennilee and her husband Shane came in from Washington for the holiday. They are staying with us at our house! They flew in on Christmas Eve and will be here until the Sunday after.

My family decided to get on board with the ugly sweater party train. For Christmas Eve dinner we all had the most awesome sweaters on! My mom, sister, grandma, and I spent 2 hours at DI getting all the stuff to put them together. Some were definitely more ugly than others and my sister even gave out prizes to the winners of most ugly. There was a baby Jesus on the front of my sweater and my sister went kinda crazy with her outfit. We did have a delish lasagna dinner that night and ate way too much!

Christmas morning was a little interesting this year. Since Jenn and Shane were in Owen's bed that made it a challenge to get out of bed and get downstairs to turn on the Christmas lights and get the camera ready. Plus he has been sick and had a horrible cough. So he coughed pretty much all night and none of us got much sleep at all. He woke up fine though and we made it downstairs before him to get a good video. Owen loved all his toys and was so excited about all the great toys! I was most excited about my KINDLE and Jeremy about the BORNE trilogy i bought him.We didn't get up until 7 which I guess is not so bad considering.

Then we headed to my Granny's for breakfast with all my side of the family. It was great except when I tried to help with the egg station and got a little too crazy and had to throw 2 away because of the egg shells. Everyone ate till they were stuffed. We had a round of BATTLE OF THE SEX'S and then it was time to go to the Hamilton's for lunch. I was in charge of the green bean casserole. I made it the usual way in the crock pot and then added some velveta with salsa and it turned out soooooo yummy i totally recommend it!

We had a wonderful lunch with the, although I don't know how we ate again after such a big breakfast. We played lots of games and laughed together. Jaymee and Owen enjoyed their toys and the adults talked.

Today my sister and mom cut and colored all the girls hair on my side this morning. I needed it! I am sorry to say I got A LOT of gray in my hair these days and my hair needed to be done bad!
We just got home from a wonderful family dinner with the Hamilton's at Los Hermanos. We waited forever to get in but it was worth it!

Tomorrow I have one of my best friends baby blessing in the morning and then my Granny's birthday party in the afternoon. Its been a crazy month and I look forward to getting back on schedule. Getting my house clean again and relaxing for the last little bit of time before I kick in my new years resolutions. More on those later.....

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and look forward to a wonderful New Year!