Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday Night Lights & a Saturday Night Rodeo

The first song on my playlist below is ironically played at both football games and rodeo's hope it brings you back!!

My Brother is on the Varsity Team for Provo this year! Man do I love a Friday night game! I love hearing the crowd go crazy when one of our players makes a touchdown. I love the music. The cheerleaders. I love the way Owen looks at the players like he is one of them too! I so loved being in high school and these moments. I can tell you when my parents told my sister and I we were getting another member of the family we were excited but to have a brother finally and be back at Provo High again cheering for him this time is a wonderful thing. I am sad for those of you out there who were not able to enjoy these parts of high school. They bring me back to a great time in my life! GO BULLDOGS!!

Saturday night we were on our way to the Bulls, broncs and barrel racing Rodeo in Santaquin. The rodeos there are the best. They don't have hard bleachers to sit on just a hill so everyone brings their blankets and its awesome!! Owen had a great time running around and there was not a lot of people there so he could run till he was sick. There was a candy race during the change ups and Owen got a hat full of candy. Jeremy said he could have gotten more but was being too careful picking it out of the arena dirt.
Our little cowboy isnt scared at all of this giants as long as there is a fence between them! This smile always warms my heart!

We watched both my cousins Wayne and Charlie ride. They both did aweome and Owen loves to watch an pretend its him up there!