Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Family Fun!

Our Owen has been in kindergarten for almost a month now and he is loving it!
He has a great teacher that is everything I could ask for, she is patient, speaks softly, and makes everything exciting. This was at lunch after his first day, I made the crown like 5 minutes before he got out :) Owen did have some mishaps in these first few weeks:
He cut his shirt with the scissors
He cut his finger on purpose the next day, there was blood and i hope he wont do it again!
He pushed someone and ended up in "think about it time"
He got his first kindergarten girlfriend :)

This is the must have shot of the first day of kindergarten. Owen is so tall! He has grown 1 1/2 inches since his birthday in May. I hope we can keep him in these levis until Christmas.

Jeremy's little sister went through the temple this weekend! Jenn and Shane have been married for 2 years and worked really hard to get to this day. It was wonderful. We had a lot of family in the area that could come to the session and sealing with us. Jenn and Shane stayed at our house and that meant Owen was in our bed, he loved that!

We did a session just a week ago with Jeremys parents and then got to go again with Jenn and Shane. It was really nice to go twice in one month. We will definitley try to get there more often!
The newly sealed couple!
After some much needed rest from our morning at the temple we had a wonderful family dinner at a local park. There was good food and family that showed up to hang out with. It was a little hot when we got there but then when the sun went down a little the playground was perfect. Owen got to play with his little cousin Jaymee. She is at such a fun age!

On Sunday Jenn and Shane came to our ward. We had great lessons and it was nice to be there with family. Owen was even good for his teacher...AMAZING!
After a quick lunch we went for a drive up to cascade springs. It has always been a special place for Jeremy and I. That is where he proposed to me. Owen had so much fun and the fall colors were so pretty!
This is the exact spot where Jeremy popped the question! I am such a lucky girl to have him as my husband!

This boy never stops running!
We are pretty stylin in our shades!

Jeremy and I have been working on something big these past few weeks. It has not been going well and its hard to know what to think about it. I will post more about that later.