Thursday, February 18, 2010

still waiting....

I had my blood work and CT scan done almost 2 weeks ago and still waiting for the results. The only thing helping me not go crazy is : no news is good news!
If there was something really wrong I would get a phone call asap, so we wait. Not patiently just waiting.
I am having some trying parenting moments with Owen lately. He is really trying our patients and really pushing the limits to see what he can get away with. Just in the last week he has had a major melt down at MONSTER TRUCK RALLY. That one was with Jeremy. He has been working so much and took some time off to have a father son night. It did not end well. Jeremy of course feels like it only happens with him but I assured him that it happens with me too.
Church was more of the same. Not listening and stepping on another boys paper on purpose. Not following teachers directions. He lost his playstaytion privileges. Owen was really upset about it considering he loves his indiana jones lego game. We took it away and told him until he earned back all of his stickers on his chore chart he would not get it back. It usually takes him about a 3 weeks to a month to do that. Quite the punishment but it seemed to get through to him , or so i thought.
Yesterday we went to Kangaroo Zoo. A local play place with huge blow up slides and bouncer animals. I thought he was doing fine because he kept coming back every 5 minutes or so to check in. Then he came running over with a mom close behind him. Owen told me: that lady is after me! I turned to talk to her and she told me that Owen had been kicking, hitting and spitting on her daughter.

Oh the humiliation!

I apologized and put him in time out for 5 minutes. Then we had a serious talk about his actions and why he did them including lying about that mom being "after" him. His answer? He didn't know her!! What in the world? We walked over the that mom to apologize to the girl and she couldn't have been more than 1 1/2 years old. I was mortified. We came home to more stickers lost that we had been earning back and started over. These are the days I am grateful for only one child.

So today we braved the outside world again and went to the gym. Owen went to the daycare. The whole time on the treadmill I was so nervous. When I picked him up everything was fine and he said he had a good time. We followed that up with a trip to story-time at the library. Another success! Hopefully we will move past this little phase quickly.
I have got a plan in place for more of a structured day and a better routine for him so we are not so out of control.
Hope to have good updates for you soon!