Sunday, January 22, 2012

Indoor soccer

Owen got a new haircut from Aunt Tiff and he loves it! 
Tiff said he was charming all the girls by showing off his spanish speaking skills....  
yesssssssssssss spanish is taking over his brain!

 We also started giving him allowance. 
I was really nervous and thought it was too much too soon I didnt get allowance until perhaps jr high...
We got this cool chart from the Dave Ramsey Program just for kids 
He has an opportunity to earn up to $5.00 per week I know shocking amount of money!!
He has to check off what he does every night and then we pay him. 
Owen is also learning about Tithing and so far its been a little rough but we have a whole year to work on it before he will be 8.
He worked really hard for about 2 weeks. The first few days he lost money for not doing some things on the list or not listening to mom and dad. 
The first goal he made for himself was some $7.00 toys. So when he reached that amount off to the store we went. I have never seen that boy so proud of himself! 
 These pirates are pretty special to this boy and he is really getting the value of a dollar!
 Indoor soccer has taken over our free time and he is liking it pretty well. The "field" is way smaller and so far he has been injured:
Kicked in the head by ball x2
Kicked in the stomach/privates by ball 1
Jumped over the black edging to sit out and tripped landing really hard on both knees :(
after the knee think he said he only wanted to play outside soccer on the grass and I agree
 This is what happens most of the time for practice. The rest of the team is listening to coach and Owen is running around like a nut!
He has got this funny little victory hand shake he does with his buddy when they make a goal. It includes a chest bump....who teaches this kid these things?? I will try to get it on video next two games then we are done for a month till Basketball starts.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Goodbye 2011 Hello 2012

The tail end of 2011 was good to us!
We had a great Thanksgiving with lots of family and yummy food. 
We played games, went shopping with the girls, watched movies and stayed up late. 

 We have these great Pass of all Passes that let us get into a bunch of great stuff around the state for free! This is our first family outing to Utah Grizzlies Hockey game. Owen thought it was pretty cool especially when they got a time out for fighting. The passes also get us into 7 Peaks for free and that is really what Owen wanted to do all summer long.
 This is Owens very first Letter to Santa! I love his handwriting and how its all over the place. We took it to the post office together so I couldnt save it but this picture will be great to show him one day.
 We saw Santa
 We made it up to see the lights at Temple Square. The ride there was a little rough. This crazy guy cut us off and was yelling very bad words but luckily after that is was a great night. The lights were beautiful as always and the feeling at the Temple is better than Disneyland:) This is Owens cheese face he does it way too much in pictures and it drives me crazy but I love him still.
 We had a ugly sweater party and this year we had so many new ideas and not enough sweaters to go around so we put on some ugly t shirts. Its always too hot with sweaters on anyway. This one is my new favorite from this year 
Our family photo for the Christmas letter, including Dexter the wonder dog. We love him but man does he shed and all that hair is really taking a toll on our vacum :(
 Christmas Morning Owen slept till about 7:45 and Jeremy and I enjoyed every minute of him sleeping in! He came downstairs to tons under the tree and then in his stocking there was a letter from Santa that there was one more present downstairs because there was no room left for it under the tree. Owen was stoked to find a electric drum set down there! Santa really understands a moms needs for quiet sometimes so a drum set with headphones so mom doesnt go crazy is a great gift for the whole family ;)

 On New Years Eve Owen had a friend come to play and when he went to open the door the dumb rug slipped out from under him and he hit the table by the door. Result: his teeth went through his lip. I ran to him and all I saw was blood. I was so thankful there wasnt teeth missing but then I realized that there might be a need for stitches and I got sick to my stomach. Poor Owen always with the mouth accidents. We are gonna have to get this kid a mouth gaurd to wear everyday of his life.  He looks really somber here i had given him some Ibuprofen before we left for the instacare, and after crying pretty hard and being worried about what the doctor would do Im pretty sure he was zoned out by this picture. :( See the two little marks on his chin that's where the teeth came out....
 This is what the inside looked like and why we thought it might need a stitch or two. Poor kid:( Lucky for him and for us the nice Dr said it would heal on its own just fine and the mouth heals really quickly. So he sent us home with script for antibiotic just in case it got infected but it never did. 

This was the next night it was looking pretty gross but healing pretty fast too. Owen was pretty pleased to get popsicles too. 
This was day 3 and after that the bruising was basically gone and there are just two tiny marks on his chin that I have been putting Vit E on so hopefully they wont scar. We brought 2012 in with a bang so lets hope that's all for this kids mouth for the year. 

Owen is still loving his spanish immersion class and after the long holiday vacation he is happy to be back at school with friends. Owen also started indoor soccer and he will be starting Jr Jazz in March. Fun things are in store for us this year, we cant wait !!