Monday, April 30, 2012

So its been a while but here is the break down in pictures

 Owen played his first round of Jr Jazz Basketball and loved it!
 Sometimes we blocked our own players........and Im pretty sure he has the biggest feet on the team
 He ALWAYS wanted to be the one to throw in the ball and thankfully the other kids didnt care
 These two are pretty serious about cinnamon sugar toast with cereal 
 We put in a basketball hoop for Owen to practice more and have more family fun moments. The hardest part was digging out the rocks! We had seriously 3 feet of straight rocks it sucked but we did it and owen got to put his hand in the cement! Its cool to watch all the neighborhood kids come and measure their hand against Owen's :)

 Owen is loving having lots of kids over to play pig and horse
 My parents got a new bed and Owen got their old one. Its really nice and huge for the first week this is how we found Owen when we checked on him for the night. He wasnt joking around he was really asleep in the middle of all those pillows!!

 Jeremy and I took Owen up to The Disovery Museum for spring break and he loved it!! Its one of his favorite things when we drive past the hospital and the lifeflight is taking off or landing so getting to sit in this one was like heaven for him.
 My cousin and his cute wife are having their first baby in a few weeks so I made these onesies for the little future rodeo champion
 There is a new bebe goat at grannys house. His name is buddy and he will not get any bigger than this! Love his midget horns and so does Owen!

Stay tuned for a 7 year old birthday party and Coach Pitch baseball pictures!
 Owen had his first Patriotic Program at school. It was MADNESS! He loved it but thank goodness its only every 4 years.
Pretty funny that he's doing the same wave in both pictures. Owen is one handsome kid!!
 One more year and this kid of ours will be baptized....crazy!